After all is said and done when it comes to the mayoral race, let’s get down to the facts. Mayor Kevin Dumas inherited a city in financial shambles.

I do try to keep up with what is happening in our city so I feel confident my vote is based on understanding the state of our city. With this said I will support Dumas in any way I can. He kept his promise to us when he ran for what would be his first term as mayor. That promise included improving the fiscal situation in our city, we were close to broke having approximately $7,000 on hand with effectively nothing available for emergencies.

Since Dumas has been in charge of our city we have enjoyed cash reserves in our rainy day fund exceeding $3,000.000, this number fluctuates as funds are used for emergencies, or are added to as a result of sound fiscal advice and equally good use of that advice. In addition, Dumas’ leadership is proven, not promised.! As we have seen, politics is full of talk, full of promise but seldom delivered to the people. Support proven leadership by re-electing Dumas in November. He has kept his promise to us.

Doug Gobin