Kevin Dumas is a lifelong Attleboro resident whose goal since high school was to be mayor. After 14 years he is still singularly focused on Attleboro. This is the only job he wants and he does it because he is deeply committed to the city.

I have not always agreed with the mayor nor every decision he has made nor every word he has uttered over 14 years, but I could say that about every person I’ve ever met. We have had some significant disagreements that we have respectfully discussed. I have always come away knowing that he was doing what he thought was best for the city. The fact that (former mayor) Judy Robbins worked closely with him after he became mayor is representative of his ability to work with all residents.

Twenty years ago we had a full-time economic development team and a mayor’s assistant. The mayor has worked numerous hours — taking on many of these tasks himself. He has worked hard to balance budgets, increase reserves and pay down debt. Dumas has committed to funding the schools above state mandated levels (something never done before).

Please support this dedicated public servant for another term.

James M. Castro