I am writing in support of Kevin Dumas for mayor. He offers the voters leadership, experience and dedication. As mayor over the last 14 years, he has repeatedly demonstrated excellent leadership characteristics. He does not sidestep difficult decisions. After careful consideration he acts decisively for the benefit of the city even if his decision does not please everyone.

He has inspired his staff and other elected officials to share the mission of making Attleboro the best it can be. He understands the importance of delegation and gives trusted city officials the freedom to do their best work. Dumas has a great depth of experience in all of the challenging complexities of city government including finance, personnel, public safety, education, planning, public utilities and public construction.

His expertise was recognized when he was elected president of the state-wide Massachusetts Municipal Association.

Getting anything done is always difficult for any municipality but on his watch the city has continued to deliver every day services and make significant strides in improving the quality of life in the city. Perhaps most importantly Dumas brings great passion and energy to the office.

Robert Mangiaratti