It is with honor that I submit this letter of endorsement for Mayor Kevin J. Dumas. My family and I have lived in Attleboro for 29 years. Over the past 14 years, since Dumas has held office we have watched Attleboro progress. It has been incredible to watch as the transportation center, the Renaissance Station, and more recently, the Judy Robbins Park, were completed.

I believe that if the mayor’s vision is continued, this development will transform the landscape of the downtown. Dumas has repeatedly demonstrated that he has the ability to fiscally manage the city in a responsible manner while also ensuring all departments are funded to provide services.

The Mayor is working closely with the school department, school committee, school building committee, and parent advocacy groups to undertake the building of a new high school. We need a strong and committed mayor to bring so many groups together to complete this colossal task. I hope you will join me in voting for Dumas.

Valerio Fokin