As a fellow citizen who was born and raised in Attleboro, I can attest to the great love Mayor Kevin Dumas has for our city. After being elected the youngest mayor in Attleboro’s history, he knowledgeably and respectfully continued the positive work that prior mayors before him had begun, while at the same time brought new ideas and energy to City Hall.

This energy has never waned and only seems to pick up steam every year. In the forefront of Dumas’ campaign for re-election is his strong belief in the need for a new high school.

My own children will never benefit from a new structure as they will be graduated by the time ground would be broken. However, I realize the huge need for a modern, efficient structure for both the students and educators of Attleboro. Dumas is aware of this need and yet is extremely sensitive to the many issues that arise with the proposal of a multi-million dollar undertaking for all of Attleboro’s citizens.

Susan Beard