I took some time this week to talk to Scott Lachance, the Attleboro Fire Chief regarding what Attleboro is working on in his department. The biggest initiative underway is working towards creating a Joint Dispatch center for both Fire and Police. With that consolidation, the Fire Department will be working on the same dispatch system. Currently, communication between Police and Fire is more manual and poses a challenge. With this change, both Fire and Police resources will appear within the same system, seamlessly.

We also discussed how we worked together to become a more progressive department beginning 7 years ago with the introduction of an ALS Director. The Department of Public Health is the licensing body for our paramedics and we consistently pass our inspections with flying colors because we are staying ahead of the requirements by bringing in apparatus like power stretchers. This would not be possible without our strong partnership with Sturdy Hospital who we work closely with.

Lastly, we look at some of the new advances that will help to save lives. For example ALL of our emergency vehicles are equipped and trained on the administration of Narcan. We also look at new camera technology that helps us to locate people by sensing temperature differences.


Scott Lachance, Attleboro Fire Chief