To the editor:

Why should Kevin Dumas be elected to another term as mayor of Attleboro? After 14 years some might say it’s time for a change. But this argument assumes that Attleboro has somehow stalled or the mayor’s office is no longer attentive to its citizens. This is simply not true. Attleboro is one of the most affordable places to live and raise a family within New England. This, along with the city services provided, are testament to how well run Attleboro really is.

Recently, beautiful sidewalks were installed along both sides of Route 152 leading into Attleboro center. My family lives on Route 152 and the sidewalks are well used and deeply appreciated. Last winter the edge of the sidewalk that intersects the road and my driveway began to crumble. As time passed the damaged area grew in size and threatened to become a much bigger issue. I contacted departments at city hall but to no avail. Frustrated, I emailed Dumas. Two hours later he responded stating the broken sidewalk would be repaired, but would require patience. Two months later the damaged sidewalk was beautifully restored.

Politicians who listen to their constituents are very rare. Dumas listens. Dumas is a good mayor and should be re-elected.

Daniel Mastrovito,