Since moving to Attleboro in 2001 and starting a family, I’ve witnessed great improvements in the city. My profession as a real estate broker takes me to many different towns and citys and I must say Attleboro with its schools, parks and recreation facilities, police and fire department response times are second to none for apartment rents and home prices. As I like to say, “You get alot of bang for your buck.”

Mayor Kevin Dumas is trustworthy, honest, ethical and compassionate. He also understands how vital economic development is to our city and embraces new ideas while understanding and educating himself. The mayor also is able to negotiate and work with others on the state level to create and execute policies that will enable our community to thrive. The mayor has a vision for this community that encourages collaboration from residents and business owners. A great mayor also surrounds himself with smart and talented people that reflect his vision for our community.

So I will be casting my vote to re-elect Dumas on Nov 7.

John L. Hanrahan