In his time in office, Mayor Dumas has won the respect of elected officials, business owners and residents, alike. But don’t just take our word for it, we’ll let them speak for themselves.


What elected officials are saying:


“I am very proud to work with Mayor Kevin Dumas. He has done an amazing job in the city of Attleboro to support the public safety departments, provide safety net programs for the vulnerable population and promote economic development. He also goes above and beyond by providing free and low cost family fun events for all residents of Attleboro, including the Summer Expo of the Senses and Winter Festival.”

– State Rep. Elizabeth Poirier


“Mayor Dumas is a consummate professional who always has the interest of the residents of Attleboro at heart. He knows the city and it’s issues better than just about anyone. As the State Senator for Attleboro, I know firsthand how critical his advocacy has been in helping me represent the people of Attleboro in the legislator.”

– State Senator Richard Ross


“Working with the Mayor through the years on the Council was a very positive experience. He is a hands-on leader, who is extensively involved with every aspect of city business. I am happy to be involved with his re-election this year.”

– Former Attleboro City Councilor Brian Kirby, Ward 2 Resident


What business owners are saying:


“No one can dispute how far Mayor Dumas has moved Attleboro forward. We will work to make sure our City keeps moving in this direction. Vote Mayor Dumas for Mayor to insure this progress.”

– Doug & Luella Gobin – Attleboro Business Owners


“As a local real estate agent, I understand how important it is for home buyers to be able to choose to live in a stable community. Attleboro is a great place to work, play and live. Residents enjoy many city services for our tax dollars. Mayor Dumas is doing a great job for Attleboro. I am happy to support him in his run for re-election”.

– Terry Twombly – Local Realtor, Resident Ward 3


“We love running our business in Attleboro. The community and Mayor Dumas has been very supportive. Did I mention we also have the best patients!”

– Matthew Rajotte and Dr. Dana Pemberton – Bay State Physical Therapy and Milton Chiropractic & Rehabilitation


“Over 30 years as an Attleboro Business Owner, I have found Attleboro to be a welcome community filled with the best of the best. Mayor Kevin Dumas has re-instilled our pride in the community.”

– Cindy Karol – Pleasant Street Auto

What residents are saying:


“Mayor Dumas cares about the City of Attleboro and has shown over the years a vision of the future of our City. We are voting and supporting him to keep Attleboro moving forward!”

– Misti and David Blessing, Ward 1 Residents


“Mayor Dumas has exceeded our expectations as our Mayor. He is extremely dedicated to being involved with all issues and improving not only the infrastructure but every aspect of Attleboro. HE spends countless hours not only at City Hall but on committees, events, community fundraisers and committee projects. There will always be opponents and naysayers but until you have done his job, we feel you have no idea of his commitment. He is a class act which has been demonstrated over and over. We will be voting again for Mayor Dumas knowing that his loyalty, hard work and dedication will continue to make out city amazing!”

– Nancy & Tony Vieira, Ward 2 Residents


“From very early on in Mayor Dumas’ position as Mayor, it was evident that he was willing to do what it took to make Attleboro a city that all residents could be proud of! I’m proud to live in Attleboro and especially proud of our Mayor!”

– Carol & Domenic Cotoia, Ward 2 Residents


“About 14 years ago, I met an impressive young man. He had energy, drive, and a vision for the City. Fourteen years later, I am still impressed with that man. Sometimes, a long term in office can lead to stagnation, and just doing more of the same. I am happy to report to you, that in the case of Kevin Dumas, that is not accurate. His energy and drive, if anything, are more evident. His vision has evolved, grown, and been renewed.” 

– Attorney Jack Jacobi, Ward 3 Resident


“Mayor Dumas has shown he is committed to the city and its future. I have 4 children in the Attleboro Public School system, I believe that Mayor Dumas has exhibited his commitment to our students and Attleboro schools. I am confident he will continue this in his next term.”

– Christine Hanrahan, Ward 6 Resident