Our greatest projects almost always start with a spark, a vision beyond what is, to what could be.

My role as Mayor of Attleboro is not just acting as a decision-maker, but also a facilitator — to encourage department heads, commissions, board members and even residents to bring ideas to the table and to build departmental, private and public partnerships to see those initiatives through to realization.

I hope that as you browse the work that my administration has done and continues to do, you see those partnerships that underly all of our initiatives. In this way, my work has always been about partnering to keep Attleboro moving forward.

“To be part of transforming a city is an amazing process not many get to enjoy. That kind of transformation is¬†not something a mayor, any mayor, can do alone. None of it would be possible without a staff, city council, department heads, board volunteers and city¬†workers who are just as committed as I am.” — Mayor Kevin Dumas