Like the Briggs Playground, the renovation at Angell Park was intended to revitalize that neighborhood while showing respect to Lt. Cyril M. Angell for whom the park is dedicated.

Despite applying twice for state grants, we were unsuccessful in our bids, but meanwhile the park continues to deteriorate and is in demonstrable need of rehabilitation. So, we — Gary Ayrassian (the Director of Planning and Development), Dennis Walsh (Parks and Forestry Superintendent), Lance Hill (Public Works, Superintendent) and I — put our heads together to come up with a revised, down-scaled plan that the city could move ahead with.

The bulk of the $172,000 project is being paid for out of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). The remaining $74,950 will come from the city, specifically from surplus funds in the citywide insurance account and the citywide professional liability account.

The reduced plan will include an upgrade to the monument to Lt. Cyril Angell, the WWI pilot who was killed in action for whom the park was dedicated. It will include an irrigation system. The CDBG grant will support new sidewalks surrounding the park which will make it safer. Although playground equipment was cut in an effort to bring the price down, the plan does include a new swing set.


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Money approved for upgrades to Attleboro’s Angell Park
By George W. Rhodes Jun 7, 2017