What began with a “cold call” by Rick Correia, Chairman of the Attleboro Redevelopment Authority (ARA), to David Boucher, a local Developer, led to a deal that would save the ARA with a project that would generate excitement with sports enthusiasts far and wide — The New England Sports Village (NESV). ¬†After that call, Boucher immediately called City Hall and negotiations began. Mayor Dumas and his team lent their support to the ARA to steward the deal through completion. In that deal, land that the ARA had owned for nearly 10 years (and owed $2.1 million dollars on it with no means to pay for it) was sold to the NESV for $2.34 million dollars. ¬†After the deal, the ARA was back in the black and with an additional $820,000 to show for it and Attleboro was put on the map for having a first-of-its-kind, world class sports facility.